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Tired of jobs that drain your energy and fail to deliver what you want most from work?

In just 8 minutes a day over 8 days, you can build a Career Filter that guarantees you will never have a crappy job again.

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Personalized Approach

Designed to create a career filter that is uniquely tailored to you.

Stop Wasting Time

Filter out unsuitable jobs, save your time and energy for the right opportunities.

Dream Career Guarantee

Identify jobs that align with your passion, skills, and greater job satisfaction.

Imagine Every Job From This Day Forward Serves Your Purpose and Passion

By signing up, you'll gain the tool to identify and pursue your dream career path. Just 8 minutes a day for 8 days!

Dream Career Lens™ Workshop

Crush It In Interviews

One of the easiest ways to stand out as a candidate is to have clarity on why you have applied for a job and be able to articulate why you feel it is a great fit.

Would it surprise you to know that great interviewers are really looking for candidates who know a job is a great fit for their career goals?

Having interviewed close to a thousand people in my career, I look for candidates who understand why they want a job.

Candidates who are savvy enough to know their why and how a job fulfills that why stand out. These are easy hires!

Dream Career Lens™ Workshop

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