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Riley H.

It’s rare you get the chance to work with an executive like Jeff. Jeff helped me get on a path in alliances that has really put me in a great career position.

Jeff has made a difference in my life as a leader, mentor, and friend (I’ll always trust his restaurant reviews).

Hunter S.

I started an entry level position with a new company. After a couple of years I desired to move into a better position. I approached Jeff to discuss my career options. He gave great coaching… I ended up getting the promotion and a raise.

A couple of years later I reached out again for mentoring on suggesting a new role for me with my boss. Again Jeff had great insight and helped me be better prepared when I met with my boss and get the promotion.

Jeff not only gave me good advice but he also helped give me a lot of confidence… Jeff is one who really cared for my success & his mentorship is something that I am truly grateful for.

Nicco B.

It’s so incredibly rare to come across a leader as talented and genuine as Jeff. He is a true leader who inspires and instills confidence and by following his advice I have accelerated my career and avoided some huge pitfalls.

I would recommend anyone that has the chance to work Jeff to take advantage of their experience as it will be one that shapes and grows their career.

Jeff Adcock

Jeff Adcock is a seasoned leader of 30+ years in the technology industry with a history of building winning teams that accelerate company growth.

He is an Amazon Best Seller and founder of CareerBoss a coaching company that helps people build and enjoy dream careers that deliver results that matter most.

Jeff is the father of four boys and he and his wife now live in Alpine Utah.