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Are you tired of feeling like your career is crushing you?

Does your job suck, but you put up with it because you need the paycheck? Do you feel lost or stuck in your career? Are you sick of that burned-out feeling you get every week at work? Do you dread going to work every Monday? Are you over not having purpose or passion for your job?

Have you wasted the last month, year, or more in a dead-end job?

All of this can end TODAY!

Stepping into your dream career is as simple as taking the first step. Dream careers are not reserved for the smart or lucky. Dream careers are the result of spending just a few minutes each day focused on your success.

Dream Career Quiz

Hear me when I say: 


If you don't own your Career,
your Career will own you!

83% of people are not happy at work. 

And this is 100% preventable! Work shouldn't suck. In fact, work should fuel your life with purpose, passion, and well-being, but for 83% of the workforce, this isn't happening.

This is not how it's supposed to be, and every day you spend not loving work is a day you put off a better version of yourself and life.

Being owned by your career is affecting you and those around you, it is taking a toll on your life and relationships.

Dream Career Quiz

Start Your Dream Career

Take the Dream Career Quiz
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Career Quiz

How Close Is Your Dream Career?

Everything you want from work, YES EVERYTHING, is waiting for you. You just need to know how to get it.

Dream careers are not reserved for the smart, lucky, or privileged. Dream careers are simply finding your path. 

We can tell you in minutes where you are in your career and what steps you need to take to get to your Dream Career.

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Why take the Dream Career Quiz?

Do you feel something is off in your career? Do you know you could be enjoying work more? Are you unclear on what to do next?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to take the quiz.

In just a few minutes you will understand what stage you are in your career and more importantly what you can do to take ownership of your career and move onto your Dream Career Path.

You will not get worthless advice but rather a clear understanding of your current state and action items to get you moving in a positive direction.

Stepping into your dream career path is as simple as taking the first step. 

Your next step is take the Dream Career Quiz.

Dream Career Quiz
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Your Next Step?



1. Take the Quiz
Dream Career Quiz

If you are anywhere other than your Dream Job you need to take the Dream Career Quiz. This quiz will show you where you are at in your dream career path and what steps you need to take to move forward. (takes less than 5 minutes)



2. Join Workshop
Dream Career Workshop

Take the first step into your Dream Career Path. Just 8 minutes a day over 8 days, you will never have to take a soul-sucking, dead-end job again. Every job moving forward will perfectly align with your dreams and goals.



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A bit about me...

Hello, I'm Jeff Adcock founder of Career Boss™ and the CEO of a $40M a year company for my day job. I'm not a "career advice" hack trying to sell you tips or tricks.

I am a leader and strategist who invested over $150,000 of my own money in building the Career Boss™ System to help people just like you live amazing lives by working in their personal dream careers.

I first built Career Boss to help people I lead on my teams. I was tired of seeing employees get worked over by employers and bad bosses. Watching so many lose purpose, passion, and love for their jobs. I wanted people I cared about to take control of their careers and live the dream career that I enjoyed.

I then invested in scaling the Career Boss™ system so thousands of professionals to date, and I hope hundreds of thousands in the future can reap the benefits of owning their careers and reaching their full potential!

If you want to know more about my journey and why I invested over $150,000 building Career Boss™, email me through the Contact Us button.

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