Congratulations 🎉

for completing something far more significant than you realize!

You just invested a few minutes to hop into your HEAD and, most importantly, your HEART to get a glimpse of your WHY.

The exercise you just completed is more powerful than you might think.

WHY you work is the seed to passion, purpose, and engagement at work and your career. It is at the core of LOVING what you do and living a fulfilled life.
If you currently don't LOVE your work, if you don't
look forward to Mondays as much as you look forward to Fridays,
you MUST keep reading.
Your work and career are the most crucial thing to get right in your life!
Is that a workaholic speaking?
Definitely not, but I am 100% telling you, even pleading with you to understand this TRUTH.

You will spend on average 90,360 hours of your life at work.

During your work years, this is more time than you will spend with family, more time than you will spend sleeping, more time than you will spend doing anything else that you love.
So what you must get clear on, if work is something that currently brings you down, stresses you out, is anything short of I LOVE IT!
Your work-life is spilling over into your personal life and bringing those other things down with it.
It is affecting your family relationships; your significant others are taking a hit.
Your sleep is affected; you wake up in the mornings feeling tired and scrambling for caffeine because your body doesn't get the rest it needs when under the stress of work you don't love.
Your physical and mental health is damaged when there are no dopamine hits from work you love. Dopamine plays a crucial role in how you feel pleasure; it plays a big part in your ability to think and plan. Dopamine helps you strive, focus, and find things interesting. Unhealthy jobs kill all these things and more.

Do I have your attention yet?

I hope so because if left unchecked, this will be the rest of your life.
We all know these people, maybe even lived with them, we might even be these people! People that are unhappy, over-stressed, overworked, have no passion for work, no purpose, and simply just DOING TIME for a PAYCHECK!

If this is you or someone you love, you must keep reading.

Doing the right work, work that you look forward to everyday, is the most important thing to get right in your life. I am talking about work that fires dopamine; it is pleasurable, it fuels passion and purpose. Work that you are interested in and naturally connected to on a deep level.
In short, work that you LOVE.
Because when you find this sweet spot, it too spills over into all areas of your life.
Family relationships are happier, significant others in your life see and feel the difference.
Your sleep becomes restful and restorative, and you wake up ready to conquer the day.
Your physical and mental health is strengthened because the negative flow of stress and frustration are replaced by confidence and success that only comes from doing work that connects directly to your WHY.

If you have made it this far, I assume you are asking yourself, what can I do about it?

The next step for you to take is one I have made a simple one. It takes a small investment of time and money.

10 minutes and $1 to be exact.

Why so short and so affordable?
Because I want more than anything for you to take this next step and live a life that you love both at work and especially outside of work in your home, in your hobbies, and other places you love to spend time.
I want work to be a positive experience that spills over into every other aspect of your life, relationships, physical and mental health.
So when people ask, how is it going?
You can truly say "I am living the dream!".

If you are ready for change and ready to create a better career and life for yourself, click on the button below to get started.


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  • What are "Santa Clause Lists" and why you need to burn yours ASAP.
  • WHAT to focus on when negotiating.
  • Clear next steps that will have the biggest impact on your job.
  • Actionable advice that will save you TIME and MONEY!

This is a one-time offer, you will not see this page or offer again.

My courses sell for thousands of dollars and I am offering this at this no-brainer price to help you move forward to a better career and life.

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If you still can click the button keep reading.
Most that get this far and didn't click to take the next step have one of two issues.
1. They want to know "who are you!?"
2. They just don't want to change.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Jeff Adcock and I have lived and continue to live the dream.
I love work, I love my family, I love surfing, mountain biking, skiing, serving people, playing Fortnite, and I love life.
I know from 30+ years of personal experience and 20+ years of leading teams and companies that you can't  love life without loving work.

Work plays too prominent a role in your life to not affect everything else.

The times I have not loved work it has negatively impacted all aspects of my life. You can't separate the two. 
I have built top-performing teams with people that were disengaged in their jobs and some that other leaders labeled as failures.
I have helped employees go from disengage, even on improvement plans, to winning employee of the year awards and getting recruited to better jobs in less than one year.
I help individuals and leaders turn bad situations into dreams come true. My focus is to get everyone on the path that connects them to their purpose, drives passion, and brings out their best and full potential.
If you have come this far and are still not ready for action you have two steps left. Email me at [email protected] and let me know why you are still not moving. I am serious about helping.
The other option is you can do nothing.

Do Nothing Option

Keep putting off getting the things you value most.

Keep getting less than you deserve.

Keep telling yourself I will get to it someday.

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Riley H.

It’s rare you get the chance to work with an executive like Jeff. Jeff helped me get on a path in alliances that has really put me in a great career position.

Jeff has made a difference in my life as a leader, mentor, and friend (I’ll always trust his restaurant reviews).

Hunter S.

I started an entry level position with a new company. After a couple of years I desired to move into a better position. I approached Jeff to discuss my career options. He gave great coaching… I ended up getting the promotion and a raise.

A couple of years later I reached out again for mentoring on suggesting a new role for me with my boss. Again Jeff had great insight and helped me be better prepared when I met with my boss and get the promotion.

Jeff not only gave me good advice but he also helped give me a lot of confidence… Jeff is one who really cared for my success & his mentorship is something that I am truly grateful for.

Nicco B.

It’s so incredibly rare to come across a leader as talented and genuine as Jeff. He is a true leader who inspires and instills confidence and by following his advice I have accelerated my career and avoided some huge pitfalls.

I would recommend anyone that has the chance to work Jeff to take advantage of their experience as it will be one that shapes and grows their career.

Jeff Adcock

Jeff Adcock is a seasoned leader of 30+ years in the technology industry with a history of building winning teams that accelerate company growth.

He is an Amazon Best Seller and founder of CareerBoss a coaching company that helps people build and enjoy dream careers that deliver results that matter most.

Jeff is the father of four boys and he and his wife now live in Alpine Utah.